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Nonprofit Conference

Nonprofit Conference
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Wisconsin Indianheand Technical College in New Richmond, WI

Contact: Maltee McMahon,, 715-231-7957

8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Registration/Networking: 8:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.

9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
By Lynn Miner, PhD, Miner and Associates
Managing Nonprofits more effectively: The Challenges of Change

The features of effective organizational change: planning, social-psychological factors, attention to change, long-range orientation, and guidance by change agents.
Recommendations for coping with change. What would make these concepts come alive, with lots of real world examples.

Morning Breakout Sessions

True Colors: Valuing Differences & Diversity
Maltee McMahon, Bremer Bank

Through the True Colors® metaphor, the mystery of our own behaviors and personality becomes clear. Only when we understand, can we change. “Ah-ha’s” that provide us with clarity and understanding. An invaluable tool for enjoying success in our careers, families, and personal relationships. It teaches us to bridge communication gaps.

Volunteer Recognition and Recruitment
Barbara Lundgren, Community Volunteer Service

Often volunteer recognition is narrowly thought of as the formal banquet or a small gift to acknowledge a volunteer’s donated service to an organization. This presentation stresses the importance of volunteer recognition being an integral part of the total management philosophy.
Get in touch with the power of recognition in his/her own life.
Identify personal and organizational barriers to giving volunteer recognition and problem solve solutions to address them.
Explore ways of giving formal and informal recognition within organizations.
Brainstorm creative recognition ideas and acknowledgements
Review essential guidelines of effective recognition.

Cultural Sensitivity
Cynthia Kernahan, UW-River Falls

What does it mean to be culturally sensitive? Is that important?

In this session, we'll explore several topics, focusing generally on the concepts of race, racism and prejudice, defining these and then moving on to discuss how and why racial groups can perceive and see things differently and where we share similarities. In doing so, we hope to give you some helpful tips for working across racial lines in your daily work with a diverse clientele.

Advanced Board Boot Camp
Judy Sharken Simon, MAP for Nonprofits

Do you have board experience but want to take your board service and your board to the next level? How does governance look different at the different life stages of the nonprofit? This session is designed for those with 2-3 years experience serving on nonprofit boards. In this workshop participants will explore the structure, various philosophies and responsibilities of the key roles involved in nonprofit management and governance, hear about best practices, processes and tools in board governance, and gain ideas for being able to better address a current Board challenge.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Gary Kelsey
What is strategic planning?
Why is it important?
Brief summary of strategic planning steps
Role of staff, board and volunteers
-simulation to get an idea of what it is like to participate and/or facilitate a strategic planning session.

Ellen Taylor-Powell, Ph.D.

(A) Develop a logic model of your program
-Identify measurable, meaningful outcomes;
-write outcome statements
-Identify indicators for your outcomes

(B) Create an evaluation plan for collecting information.
-review data collection methods and analysis.

Leadership/ Supervisory Management
Nicole Schultz, UW-Eau Claire

Major focus of this seminar include understanding effective leadership, developing new perspectives on leadership, self-assessment of management and supervisory expectations and practices, and improving conflict management skills including emotional intelligence, active listening, and overall effective communication.

Board Chair Training
Judy Sharken Simon, MAP for Nonprofits

You’ve been nominated to chair the board. Do you know what’s involved? What are your roles and responsibilities? What are the expectations? How can you excel? This workshop will help answer your questions and prepare you for this leadership position. For the new or more experienced board chair. Learn how to maximize the relationship between the board and staff, run a meeting that nets results, provide fundraising leadership and much more.

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