Thursday, April 29, 2010

Engaging Boomers and New Generations of Volunteers

A workshop this week in Willmar, hosted at Bremer Bank, and co-sponsored by Southwest/West Central Volunteer Connections and Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) got participants thinking, talking and writing action plans about how to engage boomers and new generations of volunteers. For example, consider how we communicate with volunteers in our programs. Traditionalist Generation volunteers (those born 1920 to 1946) likely prefer to receive phone calls or mailed notes. Generation Xers (1964 - 1980) and Millenials (1981 to present) will expect to stay up-to-date with your program and how they can assist you via text messages or Facebook posts.

Workshop participants commented on helpful things they learned, including: "lots of fresh, new ideas to increase volunteer recruitment and retention," "creating exciting job descriptions," and "recogniziing different generational differences and expectations. "

Read more about the workshop in this April 21st article in the West Central Tribune.

If you missed the schedule for "Engaging Boomers and New Generations of Volunteers," there's an upcoming workshop on May 6 in Bemidji . Register here:

Posted by Lois Schmidt, NRS, Willmar

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mquirk said...

Thank you, Bremer Bank and the SW/WC Volunteer Connections for an excellent workshop in Willmar. We invite nonprofits to download the "12 Best Practices for Engaging Boomers and Future Generations as Volunteers" available on the MAVA website at

Mary Quirk, MAVA Project Manager