Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Strength-Based Leadership

I blogged about a book recently called Strengths Finder 2.0 written by Tom Rath. As a result of that blog post, I had the opportunity to attend the Strength-Based Leadership Institute at Alexandria Technical College using the Strengths Finder tool to identify my top 5 strengths. The premise is that when we are operating out of our strengths (talents, knowledge, skills and affinity) we make better employees and enjoy a better quality of life! Through the 3 session course, I learned some interesting things about myself and have a better understanding about why and how I respond to certain situations the way I do.

Going through the training with co-workers (or family members!) would be very interesting and beneficial as well. I can see how understanding and leveraging your co-workers' strengths would make for a stronger team and organization.

For more information on the program offered through Alexandria Technical College, visit the Customized Training Center. You can also contact Joan Gilbertson at ATC in the Customized Training Center at 320-762-4435.

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Kate Barr said...

We use Strengths Finder as a team building exercise. All of Nonprofits Assistance Fund's staff members have used the online tool to identify their strengths and then we share the lists and talk about how to take advantage of the great variety, and how to support each other's strengths. It's been really helpful - and fun! It's an inexpensive and very useable way to learn more about co-workers and build stronger working teams.