Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now is a Good Time for Networking

When I was the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, I learned how powerful networking is. Our agency partnered with many community groups and organizations in an effort to serve our clients well. Contacts were made with prospective funders, volunteers and clients alike. Getting out of the office, meeting/ greeting and creating new relationships is an on-going task but one that is so necessary. Nonprofits are being asked to be creative and innovative in their thinking and programming by funders, more now than before. A simple and powerful tool is networking. The next person you meet maybe your biggest supporter.

Take some time, network, build a relationship or enhance one. It will be time well invested.

What is Networking?
Networking is the process of developing balanced give and take relationships with others. It is a set of activities that benefit more than one individual, during which people generally disregard the normal hierarchical rules of structure and authority.

Networking is creative, human, flexible and always available.

Networking can become the source of new business, valuable information, a lasting friendship, and a job when you need one.

Benefits of Networking
  • Knowledge about successful practices
  • Information about people and organizations
  • Relationships with like-minded people
  • Job referrals
  • Business leads
  • Emotional support
  • Career advice
Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

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