Monday, October 4, 2010

Crookston: $100,000 Otto Bremer Foundation Grant Supports Radiology Remodeling Project

From The Crookston Times:

RiverView Foundation Director Kent Bruun, left, and CEO Ross Matlack, center, accept a check from Jim Snyder, president of Bremer Bank in Crookston in front of the mobile MRI unit. The $100,000 grant awarded by the Otto Bremer Foundation was used to complete the remodeling project in the radiology department.
 RiverView Radiology remodeling finished

Crookston — RiverView Health announces the completion of its radiology remodeling project. The project began last spring to accommodate new CT and MRI equipment. The CT equipment has been operational from about six months now, and with the arrival and installation of the new MRI equipment earlier in September, the project is now complete.

With the new MAGNETOM ® Verio MRI scanner from Siemens, physicians at RiverView can offer some of the most advanced MR imaging services in a magnet that is designed for maximum patient comfort. RiverView’s new MRI scanner offers excellent image quality, super diagnostic capabilities, and exceptional patient comfort with a large, patient friendly opening. With one foot of spacious headroom patients won’t feel like they are nose to nose with the top of the magnet, which means tight confines in an older MRI is a thing of the past at RiverView Health.

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