Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stepping Stones of Dunn County Receives Grant to Build New Food Pantry

Stepping Stones of Dunn County (formerly Interfaith Volunteers) is very pleased to have been awarded a $220,000 program expansion grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation. Stepping Stones plans to build a new 5,760 square foot facility to house its Food Pantry, warehouse, Community Connections Program and administrative offices. The new facility will be located just to the west of the current property at 1620 Stout Road. Stepping Stones is conducting a Capital Campaign to raise funds for the building project as well as for an organizational endowment. The campaign goal is 1.1 million. $200,000 of the Otto Bremer Foundation funds is a matching challenge grant and $20,000 is designated for campaign expenses.

Stepping Stones’ Executive Director Katherine Dutton said, “We’re so grateful that the Otto Bremer Foundation recognized the need for a larger and updated facility to better serve low-income residents of Dunn County through Stepping Stones’ programs. The matching dollars will provide a huge boost to our fundraising efforts. Over the coming months we look forward to inviting the whole community to be involved in supporting this project, both through contributions as well as through volunteer opportunities while the building is being constructed.”

Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

Photo above: Bremer Bank Menomonie & Colfax Manager Royed Wollberg, Katherine Dutton and Bremer Bank business banker Kathy Gram

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