Monday, November 15, 2010

A Journey to Obtain a Grant

I wanted to share this on behalf of one of the nonprofits in my area. An important plea for a great organization.


On behalf of Lakes Area Interfaith Caregivers, I am writing to extend a big thank you for all your support in our efforts to obtain a Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Grant. If you recruited other voters for us, would you please forward this e-mail to them so that they too know how much we appreciated their support and votes.

Groups that we collaborated with have informed us that obtaining the grant within the first month is truly a challenge and for a good reason. We submitted the grant September 1 and it was not until voting began on October 1 that we knew if Pepsi would accept our grant application. For that reason, it was not until October 1 that we could start recruiting voters. Our project, “Providing services to keep Mom and Pop in the comfort of their own home” started with a rank of 217. As we recruited votes, we saw a consistent gain in our rank with a final rank of 151.

On November 1, we re-submitted the same application. Being that it is the same application, we know that it meets application guidelines, will be accepted, and voting will begin December 1. The first three days of voting are very important. It is during this period that your project’s initial rank is determined.

The direct link has changed. http://www.refresheverything/seniorservices. The number for text votes can be found on our project site. You will not need to re-register. You can also access the site by going to and enter Lakes Area Interfaith Caregivers or Mom and Pop in the search box in the upper left hand corner.

Many of those that supported us in our partnering efforts have there projects once again being voted on in November. North Branch Hockey Association, Blue Shadows, Swoop and Slayton Soccer were big supporters of our project. They would appreciate your continued support and will support us in December. I have once again attached the list of our partners. If you have already voted for their project, sign in, click my on Your Profile in the lower left hand corner, and their project will be listed.

Once again, we thank you for all your support. Unlike October, we now have many loyal voters recruited and partnerships in place. We will continue to recruit more votes in November and hope that your will continue to support us during the December round of voting.

Pat Loban, volunteer for Lakes Area Interfaith Caregivers
Serving seniors and persons with disabilities in Crow Wing County and surrounding areas.

Posted by Julie Vreeland, NRS, Brainerd

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