Friday, January 14, 2011

What Can Happen When Nonprofits Collaborate

I have had the opportunity to work with an awesome group of nonprofit leaders in Stevens County, MN – through an initiative we have named Resource Connections.  In the past two years, we have held a Nonprofit Summit and begun working on two key projects:  1) Nonprofit Expo and 2) Website (which was recently awarded $20,000 through the MIRC Intelligent Communities Program) to increase access to broadband. 
The following is an excerpt of a letter that recently went out to 150 nonprofits asking them to visit the Website to post their information. This is a work in progress as we are still finalizing the look and content of the homepage.  After we receive information from nonprofits, we will begin marketing  it to the communities in our county.
Goals of the group are  to educate local communities/citizens about the valuable services that are available to them through the nonprofit sector; create a central calendar to promote nonprofit activities & fundraisers and help link people to volunteer opportunities.  It’s an exciting journey and it’s only just beginning!
Excerpts from the letter:
We would like to take the opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Resource Connections, a collaboration of nonprofit organizations working to strengthen the Stevens County Community. Resource Connections is a loose consortium of area nonprofit representatives and individuals working together to help encourage growth, collaboration and support for area nonprofit organizations.
Over the past two years, with input from many of you, members have worked to identify innovative ways for nonprofits to share information about services, events and volunteer opportunities with the broader public. From these ongoing efforts have come some amazing results, two of which involve YOU!
Resource Connections is now online at This Website is intended as a resource for both nonprofits and community members looking for opportunities to get involved or collaborate. It features a nonprofit directory as well as a community calendar specifically for sharing nonprofit events and volunteer opportunities.
Holly Witt, NRS, Alexandria Charter

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