Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Calling All Nonprofit Bloggers

If you're checking out our Bremer Nonprofit Resource Center Blog for the first time, welcome! Our team is alerting nonprofit leaders and contacts in Bremerland that this is the place to check out what we're doing, seeing and sharing in our communities about the work that you do. We also use this forum to let you know what Bremer is doing to advance our vision of building healthy communities.

Thanks for stopping in to the Nonprofit Resource Center. We know you're busy. At Bremer we appreciate that; we really do, and we want to keep up to date as much as possible on what's going on in your organization too.

While we have you on the Bremer Blog site, and before you go, please do us a favor. If you have a blog, please post a comment here with your site information. We'd like to pay a visit back!

Lois Schmidt, NRS, Willmar


Kate Barr said...

Great idea to share some nonprofit blogs. Here is the Nonprofits Assistance Fund blog, Balancing the Mission Checkbook.


Lois Schmidt said...

Thanks Kate - I visit Balancing the Mission Checkbook blog frequently, as do others on our team. I always learn something, or find myself thinking about an issue in a different way. Highly recommended! Also like the new, updated Nonprofits Assistance Fund website too!

Katrina Pierson said...

Hi Lois! HBH Consultants is a firm assisting Minnesota not-for-profits with a variety of capacity building needs including fundraising, strategic planning, governance and communications.

We update our blog weekly with posts by our founding partners and senior associates so the content is always fresh and offers a different perspective!

Visit HBH's Blog