Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Supporting Wisconsin’s Youth

The Otto Bremer Foundation awarded the Dunn County Restorative Justice Program a grant last month. Below is a description of what the nonprofit organization supports. The Dunn County Restorative Justice Program will involve four core components:

1. Truancy Prevention: working with schools, families and courts to help keep students in school and to improve both their attendance and their school performance.

2. Victim Offender Mediation: involves working individually with the offender and the victim to have them agree to meet and be facilitated by a trained facilitator and be guided through a process of justice in a balanced manor.

3. Victim Witness Panels: allows victims to tell their stories and encourage offenders to understand what they have done without matching victims and offenders from a specific case.

4. Teen Court: an alternative to appearing in Juvenile Court, just paying a fine and/or having a criminal record. An opportunity to receive a meaningful consequence from a jury of their peers, to take responsibility for their actions and provides positive peer pressure with community based consequences.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Dunn County Restorative Justice Program through Positive Alternatives, Inc., please contact: Kim Edwards or Aaron Mason at 715-235-9552.

Posted by Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

Pictured above:

L-R: Peter Nied, chief financial officer at Bremer Bank Wisconsin and board member of Positive Alternatives; Kim Edwards, executive director of Positive Alternatives; and Jamie Olson, program coordinator for Restorative Justice.

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