Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ice Cream Bars and Eskimo Pies

The Otto Bremer Foundation made a recent grant of $60,000 to Village Family Service Center for general support for quality, affordable child care centers serving families. Brian Hagen, president/CEO of the Fargo Charter of Bremer Bank and Howard Barlow, nonprofit resource specialist, delivered a “Big Check” from the foundation to the Nokomis Day Care Center to Gary Wolsky, president of The Village who operates the program and Jane Greminger, program director of Nokomis I Child Care Center.

Little did we know how excited the children would be about the event. They all wanted to get in the pictures. Lots of smiling faces and excitement. It was hard to even get a good picture with all the wiggling and shouting. What fun! Then Hagen decided the kids deserved a treat and asked the director if it was ok for us to give them each a ice cream bar. With approval of the director we went next door to a convenience store and cleaned them out of ice cream bars and Eskimo Pies. What a fun event!

Pictured above left are Hagen and Greminger and, of course, the excited children. Pictured at right is Hagen with the children. 

Howard Barlow, NRS, Fargo

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