Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is the Board's Responsibility to Fundraise?

Ultimately, the board of directors responsibility is to provide oversight for the organization. Realizing that I could take several pages to describe “oversight,” I will spare you. Certainly, for the state of Minnesota, you could look to the Attorney General’s office for the “Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board members of Nonprofit Organizations.” The question that often is asked however,  relates to the role of the board as it pertains to fundraising.

The role of the board, as a governing body, is to develop the policies and plans for how an organization will raise its funds to operate. When it comes to fundraising, board members have a responsibility to become personally involved and support the mission for which they serve in another capacity (the board). In doing so, a board member becomes a “volunteer” wearing a different hat, so-to-speak. If the organization is an all-volunteer organization, board members will find themselves much more involved in implementing the strategies of the board.

The ultimate responsibility to fundraise, is the staff’s responsibility. The board’s responsibility is to ensure that there are adequate resources to carry the mission forward. In that regard, it may require board members to be involved in various ways. There are many resources to learn more about this topic. Some of them include : BoardSource, GuideStar, an article from Kim Klien and more.

Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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