Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You’ve got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

It’s not news to anyone who follows this blog that nonprofits continue to face a pretty stiff head wind. With high demand for services, coupled with a sluggish economy that makes fundraising challenging, the nonprofit sector needs support and partners on all fronts.

In an effort to offer information, advice and support to nonprofits, Bremer Bank is teaming with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and the Nonprofit Assistance Fund (NAF) to host a Nonprofit Finance Tweet Chat.

Scheduled for November 30, from Noon-1 p.m., this online discussion is designed to answer questions ranging from how to leverage idle cash to what do you need to do to secure a loan. A panel of experts, including Bremer Nonprofit Banker Erick Maki, MCN Associate Director Sondra Reis and NAF Executive Director Kate Barr, will tweet answers to the questions they field.

To join the conversation, or simply learn from others, follow the Nov. 30 chat from Noon-1 p.m. (CT) via hashtag #npfinance.

Teresa Morrow
Bremer Communications

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