Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winning Grant Proposals

There are great resources available to help nonprofits develop “winning grant proposals.” Below is a list of some of those resources, as well as some tips. I would like to emphasize that grants are typically not awarded based on “winning grant proposal writing,” but rather on the project itself, its fit with the grantmaker and primarily, funds available. An excellent project that is poorly managed against a mediocre project that is managed well can also make or break a funding decision.

From my perspective, here are a few quick tips. Please feel free to respond with additional tips that you have found helpful and are willing to share!

• Ensure that the goals of the project are realistic and that those involved as well as the leadership agree on the use of the grant dollars should they be awarded.
• Ensure that the goals of the project align with the project budget.
• Do not change your programming to match the interests of the funder
• Ensure that your partners are truly engaged and not merely a “name” listed as a partner
• Ensure that your project/program and organization are well managed and align with the organization’s mission.
• Ensure the project or program has other funding sources that are sustainable (a mix of sources to include individual donors, corporate donors and/or earned income.)

Some helpful resources include:
Minnesota Council on Foundation
     o Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
     o Other Grant seeking resources
Minnesota Council on Nonprofits 
    o Resources for Foundation grant seekers
    o Resources for Government Funding grant seekers
The Grantsmanship Center 
    o Newsletters with articles & tips related to grantwriting
    o Grantwriting seminars and training

Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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