Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social Media: The 5 Step Plan

I recently attended a workshop hosted by the Minnesota Association of Volunteer Administrators (MAVA) in Minneapolis. The workshop was led by Cameron Kruger, lead consultant for Horizon Nonprofit Solutions, a consultancy dedicated to innovative communication strategies for greater social impact. Kruger is also the human resources director for the Duluth Area Family YMCA in Duluth, Minn.

Kruger presented to more than 40 volunteer managers, coordinators and other nonprofit leaders across the Twin Cities. He covered everything from defining social media to the 5 Step Plan.

Here is Kruger’s version of the 5 Step Plan:

1. Set goals - S.M.A.R.T goals specifically.
2. Identify your audience.
3. Select a tool.
4. Implement a strategy.
5. Evaluate the impact.

Sounds like a simple tried and true business approach, right? The 5 Step Plan for social media is really the same plan you would use for almost any business challenge or opportunity. It’s really not that different! Sure, with social media you have more real time conversations, the ability to reach a larger audience and new and emerging tools, but the approach is the same.

Kruger covered much more in this workshop. To read more, visit his website or even “friend” him on Facebook. As he stated to us, he accepts just about every friend request. Happy tweeting, posting and pinning!

Posted by Susan Beatty, PR & Social Media Manager, Bremer Bank

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