Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do You Know the Legend of Stone Soup?

Maybe you read it to your children. In the legend, hungry travelers started soup from a stone and convinced the villagers to contribute what they could, making enough to benefit the whole community. The UND Center for Community Engagement uses the tale to remind students, faculty, and community members what good can come if we all do our part.

We know that’s something you believe in, too. That’s why you support many worthy projects in the community.

As a co-chair of the Center’s Community Advisory Board, I believe in the role of the Center to make the legend happen. The Center connects students and faculty to projects in our community. Imagine students helping their geography professor map improvements in the Near North Neighborhood in Grand Forks, mentoring New Americans who have come here from places around the world, and helping market Special Olympics. These are the kinds of projects the Center for Community Engagement helps make happen through its Stone Soup Fund.

How can you help?
Local partners such as you make it possible to continue the Center’s program of matching needs in the community with student and faculty research and learning. The goal is to create a better Grand Forks and region and to help UND students learn what opportunities are available for them while they are here and after they graduate.

Why not see for yourself? We invite you to come to this year’s Stone Soup Awards Program and Luncheon Thursday, Nov. 8. Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown and UND Vice President Susan Walton will be serving our special stone soup recipe. Community-university projects will be on exhibit, and awards will be presented to deserving individuals, a UND department, and community partners.

If you have any questions, please call the Center at 701.777.0675 or visit

Kelly Greenlees, NRS, Grand Forks

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