Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bremer St. Cloud Recognizes 2008 Grant Recipients

On April 29, St. Cloud held its eighth annual grant recognition breakfast, honoring 2008 Otto Bremer Foundation grant recipients. Nearly 80 people attended the breakfast including representatives from local nonprofit organizations, government and businesses in the St. Cloud area.

The meeting kicked-off with an opening from Kathy Grochow, nonprofit resource specialist for Bremer in St. Cloud, who provided some background on what it means to build healthy communities. Tom Rickers, Bremer Bank St. Cloud president, followed Kathy providing some color on the economy and Bremer’s financial position.

Otto Bremer Foundation Trustee Charlotte Johnson next led a discussion with the group on what it means to them to live in a healthy community. Participants were asked to share programs or partnerships that are effective and how they engage volunteers from their work places. Several nonprofits and businesses shared success stories with the group. The meeting wrapped up with four grant recipients talking about their partnership with different businesses in the area. They are as follows:

Child Care Choices Inc./ Coborns /CentraCare Health Foundation
RESOURCE MRC St. Cloud/Bernicks
TriCap/Bremer Bank
Independence Center, Inc./St. Cloud Industrial Products/North Central (SCIPI)

“This recognition breakfast has been very well received by our clients, nonprofit organizations and local businesses,” said Grochow. “The challenges our society faces can not be met by any one organization or sector alone. We are all in this together and this event prompt discussions around future opportunities for us all to work together to build healthy communities.”

Posted by Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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