Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Entry Contest Winners

The results are in! We recently launched a FUNdraising contest, seeking the best fundraising ideas in the nonprofit community. We had a great selection to chose from and ultimately, we decided on five winning ideas. Each of these organizations will receive a $100 donation. Overall, we received more than 30 entries. We will be posting both the winning entries and most of the other entries over the next few weeks. Be sure to check back often or sign-up on the right side to receive email alerts of new postings!

The first of the top five entries:
"Put Your Best Foot Forward" and "Pocket Change"
Princeton Food Shelf (Princeton, MN)
"Put Your Best Foot Forward"
Employees who participate in this fundraiser would pay an entry fee with a minimum of $5 or more and would be asked to wear an outrageous pair of shoes during the day. All the entry fees would go towards the organization the fundraiser was for. Another option instead of having an entry fee is to have employees donate a non-perishable food item as an entry fee that would go towards a food shelf.

At the end of fundraiser, send out cards to participants saying "thanks for helping us tie-up our fundraiser by putting yourself in the 'shoes' of those less fortunate" or "towards the help of whatever the organization is that employees are raising money for." Also, to make it a little fun, you could have someone appointed as a "shoe judge" to pick the best pair out of the bunch.

Paycheck "Pocket Change"
For a period of time, employees can donate any change above a dollar from their paychecks towards the organization you are fundraising for. Employees can also do this in the lobby of their business. In our case at a bank, clients can also donate by putting the change from their checks into a container that could be accessible in the teller windows or at employees’ desks. While customers are coming in to cash checks, they too could donate by putting the change from their checks into a container at the bank.

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