Thursday, October 29, 2009

FUNdraising - Picking Grapes & Harvesting Apples

Apple Tree Dental (Minneapolis, MN)
A winery in Red Wing, MN uses groups of volunteers to pick grapes. The winery makes a donation to the volunteers' nonprofit as compensation for their time. Apple Tree is looking at doing this as a way for our employees to help Apple Tree and as a team building event.

.....Speaking of apples and trees and volunteers, when I read this FUNdraising idea, I thought about something sort of related that I had noticed. Not about fundraising specifically, but definitely on the theme of generosity and building teams and community, a post on Second Harvest Heartland's Hunger Matters blog describes how some cool high school kids harvested apples for hungry families served by Second Harvest Heartland. If you're looking for a "warm fuzzy," this fall season, take a minute to check it out here.

Posted by Lois Schmidt

NRS Willmar/Marshall

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