Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calling all Entries, Another Blog Contest

Think about boards you’re involved with or have been involved with. What tips or "secrets" have you found work best when: recruiting good board members, keeping them engaged and helpful, using their skills and interests to the best advantage of your nonprofit and bringing them to their best potential or next level? Any tips related to the topic of developing your best board are welcome and eligible for this second blog contest: "How to Build the Best Board."

We invite you to send us your best insight, experiences or ideas for "How to Build the Best Board." The five most convincing and unique entries, as reviewed by our Bremer Nonprofit Resource Specialist (NRS) Team will be rewarded with a $100 donation from Bremer Bank.

To enter our contest, please visit our blog www.nonprofitresource.blogspot.com and click on ‘contest’ on the right side of the blog site. Don’t delay! Send us your entry by March 8, 2010. Each contest entry must specify a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to which the $100 donation, if won, will be made payable to and sent with a note on winner's behalf.

We’ll publish the winning entries on our blog!

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