Thursday, April 15, 2010

True Colors: Valuing Differences & Diversity

Our Nonprofit Resource Specialist group did the True Colors Personality Seminar and found it to be informative and entertaining. It is a great tool for employees and board of directors to engage in. Here are some reasons why this maybe helpful to your nonprofit organization now more than ever.

True Colors®: Assisting your organization in communicating effectively!
● Improved morale
● Strengthened teams
● Better supervisor-employee relationships
● Reduced absenteeism
● Decreased staff turnover
● Personality analysis

The “Magic” of True Colors
For centuries man has studied fellow man. Researchers have studied the physiology of related fields; countless studies have considered the behaviors, personality, and temperament of man.
Through the True Colors® metaphor, the mystery of our own behaviors and personality becomes clear. Only when we understand, can we change. Thus, the “magic” of True Colors® and the power of its presentations are discovered in the “ah-ha’s” that provide us with clarity and understanding. This information becomes an invaluable tool for enjoying success in our careers, families, and personal relationships. It opens our minds to new possibilities and allows us to undertake workable new actions. It becomes a key factor in fostering increasingly good feelings about ourselves and others.

People are intrinsically different. We strive to achieve a sense of self-worth from very different perspectives.

The Benefits of This Knowledge
● Provides all of us an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to our own potential.
● Helps us recognize and encourage potential in others.
● Teaches us to bridge communication gaps, leading to respect and compassion for ourselves and others.
● Opens doors to successful relationships and a climate for effective learning.

Posted by Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

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