Friday, April 2, 2010

Winning Entry #2

Boards need to take ownership of the organization in strong ways.

One good idea is to host a dinner/board retreat and ask board members to bring something from home. A branded product that they are closely connected with. For some, it's a favorite sweater, others may bring a particularly special brand of golf club. Others may identify closely with a car brand or food brand.

The key is to ask members what they like about the brand they brought, and what they find particularly interesting. Then, transition the conversation to the organization, and what key components of branding each person thinks of when they think of your organization.

The result is a working discussion of what your organization means, and what others think about when they think of your organization.

John Mesko
Executive Director
Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
We Connect People, Food, and Land
Princeton, MN

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