Monday, April 5, 2010

Winning Entry #3

Top Ten Strategies for Building the Best Non-Profit Board

1-The best way to get a great Board is to build a strong program with high visibility that leaders in the community would like to be associated with and support.
2. Invite people to be on your Board that have a variety of leadership roles in your community-business, non-profit, church, educational institutions,etc.--they will have a variety of skills and connections to share.
3-Keep your Board very well informed of how the organization works, and what your current situation is-what staff do you have and what roles do they play, who do you serve and how, what is your financial standing.
4-Welcome their ideas, follow-up on their suggestions, and make them feel an ownership of shaping the organization.
5-Involve your Board in fundraising efforts by tapping into the skills they have to offer and expecting a level of time commitment that is reasonable in their life.
6--Encourage your Board to be advocates for your program in the community, spreading the good word about your program.
7--Make sure that Board meetings start on time, are no longer than 1 1/4 hours long, and issues are dealt with using a productive, positive decisionmaking process.
8--Let the Board know regularly that their efforts are appreciated.
9- Make sure Board members have the opportunity to get to know each other.
10-Bring homemade delicacies to each and every board meeting!

Megan Perrine
Program Coordinator
Faith In Action-Ashland County
Ashland County Aging Unit
Ashland, WI

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