Monday, September 27, 2010

Resource Connections…..a “Grassroots” Effort

In Stevens County MN, we have formed an ad hoc group of nonprofits called Resource Connections. It was formed because a handful of leaders in the nonprofit sector wanted to do some networking and find ways to work together. It is my role as Nonprofit Resource Specialist for Bremer Bank, to help nonprofits build capacity and build a stronger “community.” It seemed the perfect fit to gather nonprofits together in a Brown Bag setting to talk about ways we can better work together. Since that one Brown Bag lunch two years ago, we have held a Nonprofit Summit – held a Nonprofit Expo and are in the process of developing a website of Nonprofit Organizations in the County.

Why has this initiative been successful? In my opinion there are a couple reasons. First and foremost it has been a “grassroots” effort. It’s the people working in the nonprofit sector, people committed to the missions of their organizations, people who want to and ARE making a difference in their communities, people who are willing to commit their time and their resources to this effort. Secondly, we have a system of accountability and leadership in place to oversee the effort.

The greatest lesson we have learned is that when people come together with an attitude of trust and a willingness to work together, sprinkled with “making it fun” great things can be accomplished in our communities!

Holly Witt,
NRS, Alexandria Charter

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