Monday, October 25, 2010

Building Skills in Volunteer Management

Twenty-five people who work with volunteers in their jobs or as volunteers themselves in a leadership position are participating in the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series in Willmar. They are on their way to earning a Certificate in Volunteer Leadership. The training curriculum covers lectures, activities and materials on Capturing Volunteer Motivation and Conducting Effective Interviews, Recruiting and Retention, Managing Risk and more.

Elizabeth Olson, Congregrational Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at Churches United in Ministry (CHUM) (pictured here) led Tuesday's session on volunteer motivation, giving participants a moment to consider why people volunteer. A few important reasons the groups identified:
  • Giving back to their community
  • Opportunity to participate in activities with their children
  • Appreciate social activity and networking
  • That good feeling of helping out and making a difference
  • Valuing what the organization does
Olson encouraged that understanding and appreciating what motivates volunteers - it's not the same for everyone - leads to more effective and meaningful job placement, supervision and recognition for our volunteer workforce.

The training is co-sponsored by MAVA, SW/WC Volunteer Connections, Heartland Community Action and Bremer Bank, Willmar.

Congratulations to all who are building their skills in volunteer management by participating in the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training!

Lois Schmidt, NRS, Willmar

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