Thursday, December 16, 2010

Personality Assessment and Goal Setting

The ARC (advocating for the rights of citizens with disabilities) of Dunn County board and staff participated in two trainings: 1) True Colors Personality Assessment and 2) Goal Setting conducted by Bremer Bank. The workshops were fun and interactive. Participants took the opportunity to learn about each other, what works well, what doesn’t work well. Each personality is different but we need each other to do our jobs well.

They also engaged in “think big” goal setting, allowing them to expand their horizons and think outside of the box attitude.

The Arc of Dunn County has three major programs:

Guardianship Program
The Arc-Guardianship Program shall provide guardianship of the person or estate. Guardianship is viewed as a responsibility to make critical decisions for a person who has been judicially verified to be incapable of making his or her own decisions.

Residential Program
The Residential Program is designed to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities with a focus on modeling and teaching independent living skills based on each persons need and skill level.

Respite Care Program
The Arc of Dunn County’s Respite Care Program provides temporary, quality overnight care for caregivers and families caring for adults with Developmental Disabilities.

The Arc of Dunn County’s mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

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