Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heard of

Do you follow the “daily deals” at GroupOn? It’s a site that offers a coupon special each day and had its roots in charity fundraising. It has moved away from charities however, making room for others to take the idea and run in a pro-social direction. One new site is It tells the story of one small nonprofit each day but it doesn’t offer a coupon, it asks for a $1 donation. Internet users can donate as easily as posting a tweet.

And one dollar is all you are allowed to give through Philanthroper. The founder, Mark Wilson, says “you can’t appeal to the average Twitter user to donate $25 on a whim.” His idea is to build a giving habit.

Payment processor is mPayy who is charging just a penny on each transaction, putting 99 cents in the hands of the nonprofit, within three business days, according to FAQs at the site. The charities chosen will be small and in need of “every dollar they can get,” said Wilson.

You can be a donor at the site OR you can submit your nonprofit to be considered. Organizations can expect to be vetted thoroughly, by phone, after a check of their tax forms. Religious and individual causes are not considered.

Myrna Meadows, NRS, International Falls

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