Monday, February 14, 2011

North Dakota's First Community Land Trust

Community members in Grand Forks have come together to provide permanently affordable home ownership opportunities in Grand Forks by starting the first Community Land Trust in the state of North Dakota.

Grand Forks Community Land Trust was formed in 2010 by a group of community members committed to providing permanently affordable home ownership opportunities in Grand Forks.

Locally the work originated in late 2009 when the Grand Forks Housing Authority began researching successful community land trusts in Minnesota and came to the conclusion that, although no CLTs existed to date in North Dakota, the model could be just as successful here as it has been across our borders in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana.

Until late 2010, North Dakota was one of only six remaining states without an operating community land trust. Today, Grand Forks Community Land Trust (GFCLT) is the first CLT in North Dakota and is an active member of the National CLT Network. For more information visit

Kelly Greenlees, Grand Forks Bremer Nonprofit Resource Specialist has been actively involved with this grass-roots initiative and will be serving as a Board of Director for this newly formed nonprofit organization that is committed to provide affordable housing opportunities.

Posted by Kelly Greenlees, NRS, Grand Forks

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