Friday, March 25, 2011

Blandin Leadership

First of all, let me say, if you ever have the opportunity to attend a Blandin Community Leadership Retreat - apply!! I recently attended the week long retreat at Sugar Lodge in Grand Rapids with a cohort of people from Stevens County and it was one of the BEST Leadership trainings I’ve ever experienced.  

Why is it so powerful? First of all – you can’t get away! They trap you in a beautiful setting – in a condo with lots of space and privacy – feed you tasty and nutritious food (and lots of it) – treat you to a beautiful banquet the last evening – and basically take care of your every need.

Then, they put you in a beautiful, comfortable facility with professional trainers who create an atmosphere of trust and transparency. They teach you about Healthy Communities & the Core Competencies of Leadership, how to deal with conflict, how to build Social Capital, how to mobilize and work in a group. You get the opportunity to learn about your own personality type through the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and how your type relates with others.

But then, you get to experience “hands on” learning through team building excercises, discussions, role playing, & skits.

And as if that was not enough – you come home with 23 new friends and community associates who share a new and/or renewed commitment to making their communites healthier places to live! 

Thank you Blandin for your investment in people and their communities! Check it out at
Holly Witt, NRS, Alexandria


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I don't think the link you wrote in the blog is the right one. Here is the link that I found that worked:

Nonprofit Resource Specialists said...

You're correct. We have changed it. Thanks!