Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supporting the “Living at Home Block Nurse Program”

Foley Area CARE Receives Grant for “Living at Home Block Nurse Program”
The Foley Area C.A.R.E. Program received a $21,100 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation for general operations to better serve the needs of the senior population in Benton County. Due to grant funding, the C.A.R.E. Program will have the opportunity to replace outdated office equipment, increase service coordination and create marketing and outreach materials to identify new clients in need of their services. Additional grant dollars will be used to recruit and train new volunteers to help provide much needed services to seniors in the community. (Pictured above left: Connie Ramberg, assistant director of Foley Area CARE and Kathy Grochow, Nonprofit Resource Specialist, Bremer Bank St. Cloud.)

“We are very excited to be afforded the opportunity to expand our services to meet the growing needs of people in Benton County,” said Janis Brown, Program Director. “The ability for seniors to stay in the home of their choice and to prevent premature nursing home placement is what our program is all about." Seniors that stay in their homes continue to pay taxes and support local consumerism during this tough economy.

Since 2002, Foley Area C.A.R.E. has provided friendly visiting, respite care, transportation, homemaking needs, chores, grocery shopping, minor home modification, in home and group physical fitness programs; and a newly created food distribution program working in collaboration with Second Harvest Heartland to offer well balanced food choices for low income seniors in Benton County.

If you are interested in learning more about the services Foley Area C.A.R.E. provides or are interested in volunteering your time in the community, please contact our office at 320-968-7848.

“If we all contribute something small we will create something big,” Janis Brown further commented regarding volunteerism. She believes community members should know about and have the opportunity to serve elders as often as their schedule allows.

Posted by Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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