Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visionary Financial Supporter

The Great Plains Food Bank celebrated its 28th year of operation at a awards event on March 22 at the food bank. Several individuals and organizations were honored at the luncheon served in the warehouse portion of their headquarters. The location also offered guests an opportunity to take a tour of the food bank offices and warehouse.

Brian Hagen, president of Bremer Bank in Fargo along with bank staff Diane Nelson and Howard Barlow were present to see Lue Her of the Otto Bremer Foundation receive the visionary Financial Supporter Award. The Agency of the Year Award was presented to The Belfield/Medora Food Pantry, which drove all the way across North Dakota top receive the award. The Great Plains Food Bank distributed 7.5 million pounds of food products in 2010 and served over 66,000 people.

Pictured above is Steve Sellent, executive director of the Great Plains Food Bank and Lue Her, program ffficer of the Otto Bremer Foundation and Marcia Paulson, director of Outreach and Development.

Howard Barlow, NRS, Fargo


Lois S. said...

Congratulations to Lue Her! Great Job to Steve Sellent and Marcia Paulson. This is a great crew in a great organization.
Lois S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments. The Gratitude really goes to the Great Plains Food Bank. Thanks to them, our families have food to feed their children and dignity to withstand the challenges faced. Thanks to all of you for your committment to ending hunger. Eliminating hunger requires all of us working together.