Monday, April 4, 2011

Now That’s a Lot of Blood

Bremer showed up strong at the American Red Cross (ARC) Spring Blood Drive at the Marshall Area YMCA. In addition to encouraging 11 bank employees to donate blood to the local drive, Bremer employee Christy Bernacchi forged a partnership with the American Red Cross North Central Blood Services Region and facilitated a recruitment and calling effort among bank staff during the month of March. Bank employees called on past donors on the ARC's list, and encouraged new donors as well.

The efforts pushed the drive past the goal, collecting 158 units of blood (that could potentially help 474 people!) and even had ARC bringing additional staff to handle donor appointments and walk-ins.

“I received numerous emails from the Red Cross team thanking Bremer for their recruiting efforts which helped so much and was very appreciated,” said Bernacchi. “Also, one of the blood team members told me how much one organization’s support can help a blood drive. Thanks to all our great Bremer employee volunteers!”

Pictured above are just a few of the Bremer Marshall employees as they prepare to become blood donors (L-R: Chad Drake, Aaron Meester, Jacob Fahl, Deb Blomme, Owen Marcus, Christy Bernacchi).

Blood Facts:
* The volume of blood transfused in the U.S. is increasing at the rate of 6% per year.
* Each blood donation can save up to three lives.
* Only about 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate and only 8% of those eligible actually donate.
* About every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.


Posted by Lois Schmidt, NRS, Willmar

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