Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taking Action Against Hunger in Morris/Starbuck

June was Hunger Awareness Month and Bremer Bank participated for the sixth year with Second Harvest Heartland and local food shelves. This year, Bremer matched donations dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000.

Since my main office location is Morris, I thought I would report the GREAT results the Morris/Starbuck branch contributed to the campaign. First of all, we raised a total of $2,712.20 with Second Harvest receiving $1,684.47 and our local food shelf receiving $1,027.73 - plus collected 71 food items.

Public Participation:
1. Morris and Starbuck were collection sites for food shelf items and cash for the month of June. $72 was received for the Stevens County Food Shelf with 50 food items. Starbuck raised $27.32 with 21 food items.

2. The Morris branch held a Public Silent Auction – 28 local businesses donated items for a Public Silent Auction with $988.00 being raised for Second Harvest Heartland.

3. In partnership with Willie's Super Valu, the Morris branch served Hot Dogs and Brats in the Willie's Supervalu parking lot. A total of $334.23 was collected for the Stevens County Food Shelf.

4. In partnership with Pizza Hut of Morris, the Morris branch promoted purchases from them on our selected days. Pizza Hut then donated 20 percent of the purchases to Second Harvest Heartland. $21.03 was raised for Second Harvest.

5. Bremer Cookbook sales totaled $520.

Employee Activities:
1. The Morris branch hosted an employee luncheon of Subway sandwiches with salads and desserts donated by employees. Employees then paid what they would have paid for lunch that day. $227.50 was raised with the proceeds going to the Stevens County Food Shelf.

2. The Morris branch also had an employee Silent Auction where 13 employees donated 18 items and $394.00 was raised with proceeds going to the Stevens County Food Shelf.

3. Morris employees created a Biggest Loser campaign. Those wishing to participate donated $10 and it was then our weekly goal to loose weight. In the event there was a weight gain, we again donated $1 per pound gained. We raised $72 for Second Harvest Heartland and lost some extra weight in the process.

4. Morris had a “Healthy Alternatives” project which was a way to get employees to eat healthy instead of going for the snack food in the break room. We provided fruit, veggies, 100 calorie packs and even made smoothies one morning. We raised $56.12 for Second Harvest Heartland.
Holly Witt, NRS, Alexandria

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