Monday, July 25, 2011

Partnering for a Stronger Community

St. Cloud Bremer Bank recently invited the African Development Center (ADC) to present and interact with the purpose of building a better understanding of the east-African culture and to discover ways in which the two organizations could partner in its common goal of creating a stronger community.

The morning began with a presentation to all Bremer staff talking about ADC and its mission to encourage its clients to participate in the mainstream financial system. He also talked about how cultural competency and financial literacy can empower a community to be self-sufficient and encourages his clients on becoming “bankable.”

Following this presentation, staff from ADC visited in small groups with Bremer management, sales, and the diversity/inclusion committee of Bremer. These discussions were valuable and rich with good information about the east-African culture as well as opportunities to develop strong relationships between Bremer and ADC.

Over lunch, Bremer employees experienced a taste of Africa with food catered the Mogadishu Deli in St. Cloud & Tohow Siyad. Additionally, employees had the opportunity to participate in conversations with staff from ADC.

Overall, the day was excellent with very positive comments from both Bremer staff and ADC staff. There is now an eagerness to learn more and work together to meet the individual and business needs of all residents within our community.

Posted by Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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