Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who was Otto Bremer?

I have been trying to remember as I meet with folks in the community, clients, even friends and relatives to tell the Bremer Story more often. It’s a great story and people respond so positively to it and it’s fun to tell! I was thinking the other day about how I tell the story. I explain about how the bank is owned by the Otto Bremer Foundation and bank employees and then the profits from the banks go back into Bremer Communities in the form of grants. Great and awesome. What a resource for our communities!

But, I sometimes think about Otto himself, a German Immigrant, and I think wow, did he ever think he would leave such a legacy and have such impact? He probably just came to America looking for opportunities to make a nice life for himself, but instead years after he wrote the trust agreement (1944) he is still making a difference through the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Foundation’s investment in and partnership with the region’s people, communities and nonprofits.

Otto didn’t only leave a financial legacy though – he lived a life of service to the community – and the communities where he owned banks. He was Treasurer of the City of St. Paul, and served as an advisor to Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Bremer Bank and the Otto Bremer Foundation share a vision of Building Healthy Communities through partnerships - and that means contributing to our communities as employees and individuals. We carry on the legacy that Otto started through involvement in our communities.

That’s just a small slice of the story. If you want to read more, there is little book called Otto Bremer – His Life and Legacy and most Bremer banks should have a printed copy.

And by the way, if you bank with us we Thank You! If you don’t, we’d love to be of service to you. Any of the Nonprofit Resource Specialists can refer you to the right person at your location!

Holly Witt, NRS, Alexandria Charter

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