Monday, October 24, 2011

More Myths About Nonprofit Boards

In the “Blue Avocado newsletter,” recently published 10 myths about nonprofit Boards from Board Café.

Below are two of those myths.

Myth#7: We’re an all-volunteer organization and we can’t accomplish much until we have paid staff.
Reality: Many high-impact organizations don’t have staff and will never have staff. All-volunteer organizations (AVOs) often represent the community at its best, and many field hundreds of volunteers every week. If you’re an AVO, take pride in what you accomplish, and don’t feel that “growing up” needs to mean having paid staff.

Myth #8: Committee reports should be made at every meeting.
Reality: The best thing about committee reports is that they make committee chairs attend. Instead, consider one Annual Report that rotates to each committee and that recaps goals and accomplishments. Outside of that Annual Report only allow committee reports (other than finance) that either require a board decision or that involve board members signing up for tasks.

Kathy Grochow, NRS, St. Cloud

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Katrina Pierson, HBH Consultants said...

Excellent-thanks for sharing. I love both of these points, especially the first one about all volunteer organizations!