Thursday, April 5, 2012


“Infographics” which can be shared easily via social media and interactive web tools are being used by large and small nonprofits to help explain complex issues.

Good visualizations can help charities better understand their own data and use those insights to improve their programs, says Jake Porway, founder of Data Without Borders. His agency is one of several new nonprofits springing up to help their fellow charities analyze and present information. Formed last summer, the group seeks to match organizations with data scientists who volunteer their time and skills.

Charity: Water created “Water Changes Everything,” an animated infographic that describes the effect of access to clean water in developing countries. The Center for Digital Information is working with nonprofit think tanks and policy groups to find new ways to present research data that take advantage of all aspects of the Internet.

More on visualizing data in the newest issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy (April 2, 2012).

Myrna Meadows, NRS, International Falls

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