Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where are You on the Social Meda Learning Curve?

At one point during our recent meeting of the Southwest West Central Volunteer Connections, a network organization within Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA), I looked across the Bremer Bank's training room where we hosted the meeting, and noticed everyone had their pens hard at work. Judging from facial expressions, brains were hard at work too. I know mine was.

We were participating in Minnesota Council of Nonprofits March 27 webinar: “Content Spotlight: A Social Media Guide to Engagement,” by Jamie Millard @jjmillard. Our group represented a range of experience in the social media arenas, from those “thinking about getting on Facebook,” to prolific bloggers & tweeters. The webinar had something for everyone, and we agreed that there is definitely more to learn, no matter where we are on the social media learning curve.

Some comments were shared in debriefing our learning:
“I see how far the options have come for engaging friends, family, donors, and the public.”
“This helped me to be alert and aware; it’s the future and can’t be ignored.”
“Terminology like ‘Hootsuite’ ‘TweetDeck’ & ‘Google Alerts’ means something to me now."
“I can see that as a nonprofit social media opens windows and lets a lot of good information in and out.”
“Getting hands-on experience, a little bit at a time, is a good way to go without getting overwhelmed.”

Lois Schmidt, Bremer NRS, Willmar Charter

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