Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Save the Date: Nonprofit Conference in Ashland, WI on April 26

Please join us for the first time in the Chequamegon Bay area for a Nonprofit Conference in Ashland, Wis. The event will be held at WITC in Ashland on Thursday, April 26, 2012. The great news is we have an awesome lineup of workshop sessions in the areas of:
• Financial Stability
• Fundraising
• Transition and Succession Planning
• The Office Environment – then and now
• Social Media
• Board Governance
Even more good news, we have scholarships available per the Otto Bremer Foundation grant funding.

There is no better time for us to enhance our wisdom and increase our networking opportunities. There is power in awareness!

Most nonprofit organizations don’t have a big budget for professional development. We are providing that opportunity for you. We all want to be competent in managing our programs and successful in delivering our message to the intended target audience.

The question I like to ask people is, “do you want to be in the same place in five years, professionally, intellectually and otherwise?” The next person/event you meet maybe your next big leap closer to your goal/vision. Please take advantage of this opportunity in front of you. We would love to see you.

Contact Maltee McMahon at 715-231-7957 or mmcmahon at bremer dot com.

Posted by Maltee McMahon, NRS, Wisconsin

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