Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don’ts, Do’s and Know’s

Don’ts, Do's and Know's
How do you Build a Board that Reflects the Whole Community?

Some categories: Race, Age, Gender, Opinions, Income-level, Disability, Elected Officials.

Questions to ask that also reveal diversity:
Who has lived in a small town?
Who has lived abroad?
Who speaks two or more languages?
Who is first generation college educated?
Who has had a family member incarcerated?
Who has a person in the military?
Who has served on a board for 2+ years?
Who is a parent?

Don’t create an illusion of inclusion.
Don’t recruit people who are just like you.
Don’t recruit for “window dressing.”

Do look around the table to see who is comfortable and who is uncomfortable. [If there is discomfort, address and fix it.]
Do spend time on board training.
Do provide child care for board members that need it in order to serve.

Know the board members’ cultures and holidays.
Know how board members prefer to communicate.
Know if your board members prefer country club or coffee shop.

Posted by Amy Wyant, NRS, Brainerd

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