Monday, June 25, 2012

Pension Help

If you know anyone having questions about their pension, tell them about the Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project. It is one of six regional pension projects funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging to provide free legal counseling in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. The staff can help with any pension question regardless of age or income at no cost.

“We have had significant success finding old contracts and determining benefits deserved by former employees,” said David A. Bonello, Esq., one of the attorneys on staff and the Project Director. The office can obtain and explain pension plan material, correct miscalculations, and provide information and assistance about laws affecting benefits.

For Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, contact or call 866-783-5021. In Wisconsin, contact the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups online or by phone 800-336-2990.

Posted by Myrna Meadows, NRS, International Falls

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