Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Assistance for Minnesota Unemployed

I received information about this new site the other day and thought it would be beneficial to share.

Minnesota Unemployed is a new website available that provides easy, user-friendly access with direct linkages to information and services. This site helps people who are unemployed as they seek to address their needs, which is especially important in this time of economic crisis. The site provides a wealth of information about job search sites, career resources, training and education. It also helps provide valuable and useful linkages to information about housing, health care, food, money, faith-based resources, transportation, bargains and leisure time.

The site is collaboration among Community Building, Inc., JOBS NOW coalition, and Five on Four Web design. Please share the availability of this website with your clients. http://www.minnesotaunemployed.com/

Lois Schmidt, NRS, Willmar

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Cary Walski said...

Thanks for the tip! We're including this site as a resource in tomorrow's issue of Giving Memo. :)

- Cary
MCF web communications associate